From the craft tradition of Prato, a new style of work, which combines the desire to give everyone a chance to create something in a shared vision.

The name is a clear reference to the slave of Abraham, who, according to the Bible story, is abandoned in the desert with her son Ishmael newborn. In the worst time of her life experience, however, an angel appears, who will save it, giving it new hope.

Agar Bike arises from the common journey of a group of people, and the meeting between the Association of Cieli Aperti and the firm Regina Coeli Ltd. (manager of Agar Bike brand), which together create and manage two workshops: the traditional one, where bicycles are built, and the human, where we try to give hope and opportunity to people who need it. The bicycle becomes the realization of a new idea of work, which focuses on the person and his abilities, by the desire to make beautiful things.

  • High quality products
  • Craft work as a symbol of growth
  • Desire to offer to the customer a personalized product


Velo habille bike dress

Our products are created in a laboratory that brings together Italian craft frames with our principal feature: the “Velo Habille”, an object holder dress tailored to the bicycle.

Velo Habille was born combining the typical textile manufacturing of Prato, Florence and Pistoia territory, with the collaboration of a design studio in Prato (B+P architects) and gives the bike a new form, more stylish and more practical at the same time, thanks to its pockets and its compartment for mobile phone, which allows to answer and talk without stop pedaling, keeping both hands on the handlebars.


Filo rosso biciclette Agar bike

On our bikes we always put a particular red, a thread, a chain, this is because, inspired by the paintings of Chiara Taiti (Ass. Cieli Aperti), the red line symbolizes the path of life, made of love and passion, but draws even the horrors of the wars, the femicide. Our bikes are not as just simple objects, but they tell, speak and walk with us in our daily traveling.